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  • Audiovisuohaptic Screendance

  • Ava Aghakouchak, Jo Cork, Bartosz Szafrański

AVH project is the result of a collaboration amongst 3 artists, and 4 professional dancers with lived experience of hearing or sight impairment or neurodiversities affecting sensory perception, to explore and develop new wearable haptics technology for use as part of an experimental screendance work encompassing an audio, visual and haptic sensory experience. By tapping into touch sensations, the AVH project aims to create technology that will manifest the bodily experience of watching dance film, and that will help us to unlearn privilege-based perimeters around perceptive faculty. 

The project does not propose to substitute lacking sensory modes of perception, but revolves around offering further modes of perception so that a greater scope of people are able to engage more fully with screendance work. AVH proposes to make fundamentally accessible work; not to make artwork accessible. AVH asks its ‘viewers', that they all - regardless of seeing and hearing ability - engage with the dampened sensorial perceptive abilities in their person, and in doing so, reawaken and re-learn them in order to come to an expanded relationship with their lived experience of the world. 

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