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SAROTIS Wearable Futures

How will 3D vision technologies change the way we see and interact with the world around us? "Sarotis Project" explores answers to this question beyond the era of the mobile phones, towards more intimate wearable technology futures. To express "Sarotis" vision of the future of soft wearable technologies, a speculative film provokes the audience to consider how fluidic hydrogel interfaces may dissolve the distinction between our own physiology and that of the softening machines that will extend our bodies.

//Roles: Designer and director 

SOVAR Wearable Futures

Sovar targets the rise of intangible information as an important part of the human’s sensorial inputs. The way that in the age of mixed realities, sense-able events have been and are being replaced with more virtual alternatives, implies that the human body performs beyond the boundaries of its skin. And by getting closer to inhabiting non-places as a species, what will we depend on besides our body-minds?

//Roles: Designer and director

Audiovisuohaptic Screendance

This short film is the result of work with 4 professional dancers with lived experience of hearing or sight impairment, or neurodiversities affecting sensory perception, to explore the limits of interdisciplinary storytelling through auditory, visual, and haptic mediums. 

//Roles: Haptic expert and designer

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