• Heterotopian Bodies Workshop

  • Ava Aghakouchak, Fiona Zisch and Interactive Architecture Lab

Alongside the concept of the “other space”, the term “Heterotopia” is used to designate a phenomenon occurring in an abnormal place on the body. Building up on the dual notion of Heterotopia in relation to alien bodies and speculative spaces, the workshop was aimed to help students establish their vision of future bodies and the worlds which they might inhabit.

In the course of the 5-day workshop, the students were briefed to create or choose fictional characters and design wearable pieces which would fully reflect characteristics of their chosen persona. Based on J. G. Ballard’s writings on the complex relationship between the architecture and individuals, the resultant body-machines were not only meant to help viewers reconstitute the psychology of the chosen characters, but also reflect possible scenarios for the future of architecture and more generally, the outer world.