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  • Op.235

  • Ava Aghakouchak,

    Peter Babbage, Shahin Entezami

In response to an earlier set of performances titled “Op.12” at the Sir John Soane’s Museum, “Op.235” was an immersive tactile-audio-visual performance held at the Walmer Yard, London. Through the use of an interactive desktop software, the audience visually explore and navigate through the virtual spaces of the Soane Museum. The explored scenes and views become accessible to a performer while projected on the walls of the Walmer Yard building and an active wearable further immerses them in these scenes by applying tactile patterns amplifying the architectural content of the museum. The performance is enactment of inhabiting an other-space, a juxtaposition of the Walmer Yard and Sir John Soane’s Museum, which highlights the gap between the performer's and audience's spatial experience of inhabiting the basement level of the Walmer Yard building caused by the significant impact of wearable technologies for enhancing perception of place.

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