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2 Sovar Wearable, Ava Aghakouchak, 2019.jpg



  • Ava Aghakouchak in collaboration with Peter Babbage, Shahin Entezami, Natasha Rukavishnikova

Sovar is an active soft wearable which maps certain architectural elements within the perceptual scene on the skin of its wearer. The cross-modal mapping of the space on the user's back raises their attention to the surroundings and increases their sense of presence within the space. Sovar can be used as a tool for navigating physical or virtual spaces, a choreographic device for networked performances, and a tactile amplifier for virtual touch.

Sovar is a part of a long-term research study on the effects of active soft wearables, currently carried out in the format of a PhD at the Bartlett School of Architecture, under the supervision of Prof Stephen Gage and Dr Fiona Zisch.

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